Concert at Casti Aspermont, Sagogn (GR), 10 February 2024, 17.00 & 20.00 “Orgla pintga grondiusa!” | “Small organ really big!”

Jan 29, 2024

In Casti Aspermont in Sagogn, Graubünden, a replica of a 400-year-old processional organ can be heard. Music from the 16th century brings the sonorous world of bygone times to life. The organ builder Ricarda Müller, who built the technically unique instrument, operates the two bellows by hand.

She is accompanied musically by:

  • Jean-Marie Tricoteaux: Organ
  • Markus Meier: historical wind instruments
  • Silvia Matile: Vocals
  • Anselm Caminada: Electronic music

Tickets are available at:

Casti Aspermont
Via Sum las Cuorts 2
7152 Sagogn